Compelling Stories

Ghayronesha_2012GraduateGhayronesha – 2012
The best gift my mother ever gave to me was sending me to Eagles Rising.Before Eagles I never really opened up to people. I had walls on every side protecting me from this cruel, cruel world. I never trusted anyone, but Eagles changed all of that. Within the first few weeks walls started breaking down and to my surprise I started opening up. The people who were once strangers became like family to me. My relationship with God grew more intimate and a hunger and thirst to know more about God was awaken in me.I’ve always been a big dreamer and wanted to become a pilot. In April 2011 my dream became true and my pilot training started. There were times when I felt like giving up but then I would remind myself that I’ve come too far just to give up now. Till this day I stand I awe of what God has done for me and I thank Him daily for this amazing opportunity. I’m finally living my dream.Thank you Eagles Rising for all that you invested in me and for equipping me for the world out there. If it wasn’t for your teachings, guidance and prayers I’ll be so lost right now. Thank you for showing me how to live a Godly life and for showing me Godly love. You gave me the best two years of my life and for that I will always be grateful. I’ll forever be a proud Eagles student.
Sesethu_2010GraduateSesethu – 2010 Graduate
I grew up in the rural Eastern Cape. We were 9 people in the house. My mother lived in Cape Town and my Granny looked after me. When my Granny died my Uncle and his wife became my guardians. The circumstances in the house were very bad as they abused me physically. At age 13 I moved to Cape Town and stayed with my mother in Kayelitsha. It was difficult to live in that house, since I did not feel welcome and I did not feel like I am her child. She constantly spoke negative words over me.I was deeply impacted in a negative wayto the point that I didn’t have any dreams for my future. I felt like I was a loser and had no self-confidence because there was no motivation at home. I was so broken inside and lived with fear and pain my whole life. The only dream I had for my life was to get a job so that I don’t have to depend on anybody.At Eagles Rising I realized that my life has value and that someone cares about me. I learnt that I can impact my community. I don’t need to be well known or have lots of money. Christ is all I need in my life. Through Him I have self-confidence, hope, faith and self-control. I learned what it means to forgive and once you forgive, that is the beginning of the endless joy and peaceful life.I graduated from Boston College in 2012 and I am currently working as an IT Technician at ZETES, Cape Town.
Ntombifikile_2007GraduateNtombifikile – 2007 Graduate
I grew up in the vicinity of Khayelitsha in an informal settlement called Site C and were raised by my mother. We were living in 3 room shack measuring 3x6m with 1 bedroom, kitchen and the front part serving as a sitting area. There were 8 of us in this house, you had to do everything in front of everyone and the shack was leaking when it rained. I used to do hairstyles to earn money for us to eat and for my sisters to go to school. I was going down a destructive path, where I thought there was no point in living because I would never become something.I became a born again Christian in 2004.In 2007 I went to Eagles Rising. It was a time of breakthroughs for me because I was full of anger about everything and everyone, thinking the worst of myself, with no dreams or visions for my life but anger and sadness.At Eagles Rising, I learnt that I have the ability to do anything in Christ. I became career oriented, grew in my spiritual life, learnt basic stuff like eating with a fork and knife, setting the table and most of all, how to treat others around you. I also learnt how to speak proper English.I am so grateful I went to Eagles Rising and I give God the credit for everything that has happened to me. I now rent my own brick house in Brackenfell, Cape Town and have my own car.Currently I am working for the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning as a Senior State Accountant in Revenue and Expenditure Management.
Nokuphiwa_2006GraduateNokuphiwa – 2006 Graduate
Phiwa was an Eagles student in 2006 and has been employed with the Power Group since 2007. She started as a Finance Trainee. Then, she was awarded a full-time bursary in 2008 to study Internal Auditing at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, which she completed in 2010. This allowed her to become a Finance Clerk at the Power Group. Last year she was awarded a bursary to study further for her B.Tech in Internal Auditing and she is currently pursuing these studies. She has been recognized as a star performer at the Power Group of Companies and chosen for an accelerated development program.Says Phiwa: When I speak I say I am a “product of Eagles Rising”. Before I went to Eagles, I was this ambitious young lady with lots of dreams and visions but seeing no way for my dreams to materialize. I grew up in a family of 6, we were 4 girls, living with my mother. Life was not easy for my family as my father was the only working person in the family and he was not staying with us. Things were very difficult at home and I remember sometimes I had to go to school with an empty stomach. I grow up with anger in my heart, low self-esteem, negativity and unforgiveness.In 2006 I went to Eagles. I was privileged to be part of the team because not only do they get you a learnership or a job but they also teach you ways in which you can live your life as a young person, how to live in the world but not live as the world. They helped me get rid of the anger and resentment that I had towards my father and I was able to forgive him. As a young person I am faced with life challenges everyday but I know the Word of God and Eagles equipped me enough to face all challenges that come my way.Eagles Rising helped me to get a bursary and I have recently graduated with a Degree in Internal Auditing and I’m currently working at Power Construction (Pty) Ltd.
Thank you Eagles Rising!
Siseko_2008GraduateSiseko – 2008 Graduate
Siseko was a student in 2008. He received a bursary to study B Com Accounting at University of Cape Town in 2009 and he completed his studies in December 2011. He is currently enrolled for a Post Grad Diploma in Accounting (PGDA) at UCT. Throughout this time he has been working at Power and they have now offered him a SAICA training contract for 3 years by MazarsAuditors which began in March 2013. He will continue relationship with Power Group during this training and will return to full employment on their Financial Team after this 3 year training.The report from Power Group said this about both of these Eagles alumni: “Their tenacity, commitment and keen desire to achieve excellence is a great testimony. I believe that they will also be able to influence many people’s lives in a positive way, because of the solid foundation which they received at Eagles Rising.”