Prayer List

October 2014

Over the next three years Eagles Rising intends to increase the number of students from

25 to 35 by 2016 and from 35 to 50 by 2017. Many of the items below are needed to expand the ministry.


Training Centre R4,268,900
Lecture Hall
35 x Lecture tables
35 x Computers
80 x Plastic chairs
R8,000m2 / R4m
R52,500 (R1,500 each)
R210,000 (R6000 each)
R6,400 (R80 each)
Student Welfare R32,790
10 x Double Bunk beds & mattresses
35 x 12 tog Duvet Inners & covers 
Kitchen – 2 x Heavy Duty Fridges
Garden – Honey Extractor and Bee suite
R30,000 (R3,000 each)
R38,500 (R1,100 each)
R22,000 (R11,000 each)
Ministry Impact R482,000
1 x Quantum 15-seater
3 x Trailors
Branding on 3 busses
40 x Sleeping bags
20 x 2-man tents
R42,000 (R14,000 each)
R24,000 (R8,000 each)
R40,000 (R1,000 each)
R26,000 (R1,300 each)
Ministry Improvements R36,000
Repair fencing around the farm R36,000