Why we do outreach
We want every student to know that they can impact society and make a difference in the community.
Eagles Rising in partnership with Intercape Bus Company reaches out to children from the informal shack lands next to the N2 highway outside Gugulethu Township. Every Friday afternoon we work with and coach 200 – 300 children, with ages ranging from 4–15 years old. We meet with the children at the premises of Intercape. Eagles Rising students reach out to these children through drama, fun games, reflection times and prayer. Intercape helps provide hot meals to eat on site and packed foods for the children to take home. We also have a special Christmas day for them that is held in November once every year as the closing event, where the children can celebrate Christmas and are given gifts to take home and enjoy. The focus is to show and give these children love and attention through the Word, and teaching them about God and how to pray.
Sir Lowry’s Pass Village  
Our weekly outreach, under leadership of Antje Spiewak from His Ark, to Sir Lowry’s Pass Village allows us to impact our closest township where social issues such as poverty, drugs and sexual abuse are ranked among the highest in our area. Students bring a structured kids program of songs, games and story-telling working with hundreds of children in the community, assisting the local crèche and impacting the parents. Students learn to organise children’s programs and to work with children. Through this outreach the community sees positive role models and examples as they get to know Eagles students.
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