How we change lives

 The Challenge
Basic Life skills

  • Hygiene
  • First Aid
  • Education in HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted deceases
  • Environmental responsibility and trench (vegetable) gardening
  • Life experiences – restaurant; mountaineering and wildlife; visits to work environments
  • Basic etiquette
Career Oriented Development

  • Business and Employment Skills: Completing Applications, Bank forms, Drawing up of CV’s, Public Speaking, Letter Writing, Report Writing, Budget Forecasts, Dressing for Success, Job Shadowing
  • Business English
  • Computer Skills:
  • E-mailing, use of Social Networks, Basic Research
  • Career testing and counseling
  • Tutoring in subjects they will be in need of i.e. Maths, Accounting, Business Economics, Science, Technical Drawing
Motor skill developmentCraft classes

  • Musical skills
  • Voice training for those with special singing abilities
  • Team building and character development at wilderness camps and extreme adventures
Spiritual DevelopmentDiscipleship

  • Prayer and worship related subjects
  • Knowing God
  • Biblical moral values
  • Godly character
  • Understanding the Father’s heart
  • Covenant
  • Biblical Studies
  • Journey to Freedom
  • Personal Boundaries
Leadership Skills DevelopmentSocial and cultural integration among students

  • Community outreaches for upliftment through drama, sport, dance with children
  • Facilitate kids & family games and referee soccer matches
  • Eco-friendly Environmental Awareness, Veggie gardens, gardening, paddocks, vehicles, event planning, outreaches to communities, dance & drama
Physical DevelopmentProfessional Dance classes

  • Professional Drama lessons
  • Swimming lessons
  • Professional Fifa Soccer training