Imagine a new Africa, filled not with violence, corruption, wars and hopelessness, but with a generation who live with higher purpose and integrity. Eagles Rising Training Centre believes in us and is an instrument in God’s hands to heal, envision and empower us to build our nation. Let us work together to help Africa rise to a new way of living
Rising to a new way of living
Alumni Student Testimony


“I was born in rural Eastern Cape. I come from a family of 8. I had a very rough life growing up – physical abuse, substance abuse and constant trauma characterized my childhood. I could not finish high school, due to financial problems. My life expectancy was about 25. Circumstances were so tough that even your Christian life had no hope.

My time at Eagles Rising was a time of restoration and I spent most of my days weeping as I was experiencing God’s healing hand. The first six months of my time at Eagles was the best time of my life. It was like a pillar for the rest of my life.

Through Eagles Rising and the salary I now receive I am able to help my family back home. I helped them build a brick house, which was a big breakthrough for the family, because we lived in a tin shack. Winter has always been my worst enemy because of Cape Town’s infamous rainy season. The shack is always wet and sleep is near impossible.

Eagles Rising is a beacon of hope to me, looking at our nation. Looking at how the young people here are impacted by the programme, I see a model that can be duplicated to be effective in helping youth in our nation.”


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Current Student Testimony


I was born and raised in Khayelitsha, Cape Town by a single parent. I’m very grateful to God for the opportunity and privilege of being a student at Eagles Rising. Here I’m learning about making better choices and how my choices influence me and others, whereas before I just did what felt right to me and I did not worry about the consequences. I’m also learning that I have things I can give to society, like my ears to listen to someone’s needs, my hands to comfort and serve others. I had lost hope for my future, but now I see that I can do so many things with my life. I know that I can be a role model and influence other people positively. Eagles Rising is a place where you can find lots of love, as much as you need.